The churchloft in Gilleleje - and the escape of the danish Jews in October '43

The churchloft has a history of its own, due to the event that took place in October 1943 during the 2nd World War. The Gestapo tried to exterminate all Jews in occopied contries.

In Denmark, the Gestapo planned their arrests at the end of September 1943, but 95% of the Jews maneged to escape to Sweden, mostly from the North-east part of Zealand  and many of the with the help of many Danes.

During the days of October many Jews were sailed from Gilleleje to safety in Sweden. Most of them by local fishermen. But on October the 6th, as many Jews were wainting in the morning at the habour, a false rumour was that Gestapo was coming - 182 reached the boats and later on Sweden  - but several hundreds were left behind and had to be hidden all over in the small village of Gilleleje. 86 were hidden in the churchloft. Unfortunately Gestapo did come in the early morning of October the 7th. The Jews hidden in the churchloft were taken and sent to Horserød and later on deported to Theresienstadt.